About me


I am an Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Postdoctoral fellow at the United States Army Research Laboratory, Biotechnology Branch.

Coming soon: More details on my work applying microbial community level approaches to convert food waste into usable energy.

I completed my Ph.D. in Dr. Joy Bergelson’s laboratory at the University of Chicago.

My graduate research centered on maintenance of diversity in microbial communities. As more and more microbiome studies catalogue the amazing diversity of the microbial world, I became increasingly interested in understanding how so many different species coexist. To tease apart the complex ecological forces maintaining diversity, I used the leaf and root microbial communities of Arabidopsis thaliana as models. Three types of forces shape these communities: host, environmental, and interspecific bacterial interactions. To understand these factors, I applied diverse approaches, ranging from manipulating and modeling in vitro communities, to 16S rRNA gene amplicon surveys of field collected plant communities, to using fluorescence microscopy to visualize complex in planta communities.